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By small creators, for small creators

Play With Your Friends In A Game You Love.

HQMC is a great place to meet new people, play with friends or even just play alone!

No matter who you are, everyone is welcome here... unless you got banned of course XD.

Video game
Fun with Video Game

Free To Play And Sign Up

HQMC is the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts looking to join an online community. Our server is a safe and welcoming environment that encourages collaboration and creativity.

We prioritize our members and strive to make HQMC the best it can be. We have a highly selective application process, so it isn’t guaranteed that you will be accepted, but it is always worth a shot. Come join us and get ready to make some incredible memories

Join On Almost Any Console

The HQMC server is available on bedrock or Java!
So no matter what you play on you can join and have fun!

You can also send screenshots to me and I'll share them on Twitter!

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Phone

Shared online, still as safe as ever!

As HQMC is made for small creators, what would be the point in not sharing the work you put into it??

You can send me screenshots to share on Twitter (X) and if it's a video, I'll put it on YouTube!

I will only share what you allow me to share

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